Personal Shared Limousine Promotion exclusive for Happy Writing Language Centre Students

Join promotion with Private Custom Travel Ltd. (PCTL, Travel Agent Licence no. 354179) exclusively for Happy Writing Language Centre students.

This program is to provide elite customized limousine services for each individual with a shared economy concept.

Different users need the car at different time; thus, we aggregate, match and optimize the car’s resources & minimize the idle time.

Not only the costs of keeping a Tesla & employing a chauffeur are shared among a few users, but also, the tedious works for car maintenance & chauffeur recruitment are eliminated.

Unlike taxi or uber: orders are pre-booked; service fee charged by time, not by distance. No more hard feeling to chauffeurs.

Flexible with customized monthly plan for each individuals.

Taking a step further, added value services can also be arranged through the chauffeur and our concierge.

Simply tell us your needs, we will try to find a solution for you.

Hotline: 2110 4519

Please fill in below information, a Personalized Limousine Service Plan will be prepared for you.