What is Jourive?

A convenient car rental service in Hong Kong that supplies top-of-the-line Electric Vehicles.

Why Jourive?

Jourive was created with two things in mind: the journey and the drive:

The journey isn’t just about the scenic views, rather the whole process. From accessing their website and booking, to looking cool while driving a slick car, all the way to the returning process. The journey commences in just a few swift swipes on your phone.

And the drive doesn’t just get you from point A to B, rather, everything about that drive. The feel-good factor behind driving a zero-emission vehicle, saving the earth one ride at a time, as well as the many faucets of assistive driving features, such as Tesla’s auto-parking and autopilot mode, making driving so much easier.

How do you pronounce Jourive and what does it mean?

It sounds like “drive”

Jourive /dʒɪˈʌɪv/:

1. The unity of Journey and Drive

2. An act of driving with contentment while reaching their destination.

How does Jourive work?

Renting a Jourive car is simple! All you have to do is choose your dates and pickup location. Create a Jourive account and put in your personal details. Pickup your car and enjoy your Jourive!

I want to Jourive a car, what are some of the requirements?

Jourive drivers must be aged 25-65, holding a legal Hong Kong Identity Card and valid Hong Kong drivers License.

International drivers will need to hold a valid Identity card and International drivers license, these must be kept with driver at all times. First-time drivers will have to verify their drivers license with the concierge.

Drivers will have to have at least 2-year driving experience and no claims within 3-year period.

Can more than one person drive the rental car?

Of course, there can be one additional driver, they will have to be registered onto the website upon booking.

How is Jourive saving the world?

Jourive uses only electric vehicles, which means all the cars they offer are zero-emission, carbon-free and don’t use gas. Jourive is also a paperless company, all transactions and billings are all done electronically.

I want to rent a Jourive car! Where do I pay?

Your security is important to us. To ensure your credit card is secure, we are accepting Paypal.

How can I get in touch?

Please call our hotline at +852 2110 4519 or email us as info@jourive.com

I would like my company to use Jourive cars, how does that work?

Contact us! Jourive has a team of experiences chauffeurs who can look prim and proper when driving your esteemed guests around.

I’ve never driven an electric vehicle, will someone show me?

For first-time renters, Jourive will send an experienced concierge staff to show you where all the knobs and buttons are. By the time they leave you with the car, you will feel like a pro.

I’m having such a good time, can I extend my rental?

You will have to arrange with Jourive ahead of time. If we aren’t notified, an additional 20% of the daily rental fee will be applied for each hour extended.

I’ve changed my plans, and will have to cancel my rental, what do I do?

If you let us know 48 hours before the rental, a HK$100 will be applied, if you tell us 24-48 hours in advance, 50% rental fee will be applied, however, if you don’t cancel within 24 hours, there will be no refund for the car rental.

I’ll be driving the car everywhere, what is the mileage limit?

We think 250km should take you all over Hong Kong and then some.

Oh no! I broke my car, what do I do? Accident, damage or road-side assistance

If you are in an accident involving damage or injuries, or if you are not in a safe location, call 999. As soon as possible, in case of accident or new damage, call Jourive Customer Service, 24/7, at (PHONE NUMBER) If you were involved in a car collision with another vehicle, take down all the information about the incident and the person and vehicle involved, including driver’s license, insurance policy, and license plate.

For all other roadside assistance, please call Jourive Customer Service, 24/7, at (PHONE NUMBER) and we will arrange for appropriate roadside assistance service to assist you as quickly as possible.

Do I need to gas up my car before returning it?

Don’t be silly! All Jourive cars are gas-free! Save that money and spend it on something else!

Do I need to I re-charge the car before returning it?

Nope, just return it to us when you’re done. That’s the beauty of Jourive.

Can I smoke in my car?

Jourive is committed to be a 100% eco-friendly company, offering zero-emission vehicles. Let’s protect the environment and our cars by not smoking in them. A cleaning fee will be charged if there are smoking odors or any related debris found in the car upon return.

Can I take a Jourive with my dog?

Pets are allowed but please make sure you take care of your pet and that they are in a pet carrier. A charge will be assessed if there are any pet-related damages to the car interior.

I have a baby, is it safe to drive with the baby in the back?

You and your passengers’ safety is our number one concern! We even went out to buy Recaro baby seats for this very purpose. Upon request, Jourive has a limited number of baby seats. Let us know early and we will try our best to arrange one for you.

We want to go biking, would our bikes fit in the car?

We knew at least one of you would ask! We have rooftop bike racks available upon request, including the spacious interior of the car, our cars would easily fit two bicycles.

Where do we meet when we pick up and drop off our cars?

At Cyberport Le Meridien Hotel, Front Lobby, Ground Floor At Central IFC, take the elevator (close to city super) down to B5, our CS will greet you at the lift lobby.

At Admiralty Pacific Place, take the elevator (close to lane crawford home) down to LG2, our CS will greet you a the lift lobby.