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Hong Kong’s FIRST Paperless Electric Vehicle Rental Service
Enjoy Your Jourive

Jourive /dʒɪˈʌɪv/:

1. The unity of Journey and Drive

2. An act of driving with contentment while reaching their destination.

Do the words “zero-emission”, “low maintenance”, “fun”, “paperless” and “ultra-convenient” appeal to you? These were the exact words in the mind of founder of Jourive, Jimmy Leung when he created the brand, the first all Electric Vehicle car rental service that launches in Hong Kong, August 2016.

Jourive was created with two things in mind: the journey and the drive:

The journey isn’t just about the scenic views, rather the whole process. From accessing their website and booking, to looking cool while driving a slick car, all the way to the returning process. The journey commences in just a few swift swipes on your phone.

And the drive doesn’t just get you from point A to B, rather, everything about that drive. The feel-good factor behind driving a zero-emission vehicle, saving the earth one ride at a time, as well as the many faucets of assistive driving features, such as Tesla’s autopilot mode, making driving so much easier.

Conceptualized since March 2016, Jourive purchased the largest fleet of Tesla Model-S in Hong Kong, hoping to revolutionize the car rental services available.

Hong Kong is vibrant cities with lots of commute options – though just within the main city areas on the MTR line. We tend to neglect all the other non-MTR accessible locations. Those are some of the places that give Hong Kong its character. Here are only a handful of suggestions why to Jourive:

Renting Jourive is as easy as 1-2-3.

1.Choose your dates and pickup location

2.For first time users, a Jourive concierge will meet you to tell you about the features of your car

3.Enjoy your Jourive

For more information on Jourive, please visit website: www.Jourive.com .

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More about Jourive:

Delivering a reimagined car rental experience from August 2016, JOURIVE conventionalizes the process using only top-of-the-line Electric Vehicles, offering


Every JOURIVE car is a Tesla model S, well-known for its excellent performance and advanced technology (auto-parking, auto-navigation, blue-tooth connections) of an Electric Vehicle. These advanced technologies can improve our driving experience, which can be adapted by the car’s computer.


JOURIVE delivers a fast, frictionless experience, with no line ups and no upsells. Full transparency in cost and coverage, paperless transactions, let you enjoy more of your drive.


Smartphone allows users to make car reservations, unlock the car, see receipts, and more; with GPS navigation included, mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and multi-media interface, JOURIVE powers a customized & connected travel experience.