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Why Choose Jourive?

Jourive definition /dʒɪˈʌɪv/:
1. The unity of Journey and Drive
2. An act of driving with contentment while reaching their destination.

Jourive reimagines the car rental experience from reservation to return. Unlike conventional car rental, Jourive offers:

A Better Car

Every Jourive car is a Tesla model S, well-known for its excellent performance and advanced technology (auto-parking, auto-navigation, blue-tooth connections) of an Electric Vehicle. These advanced technologies can improve our driving experience, which can be adapted by the car’s computer.

A Better Experience

Jourive delivers a fast, frictionless experience, with no line ups and no upsells. Full transparency in cost and coverage, paperless transactions, let you enjoy more of your drive.

Internet Lifestyle Integration

Smartphone allows users to make car reservations, unlock the car, see receipts, and more; with GPS navigation included, mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, and multi-media interface, Jourive powers a customized, connected travel experience.

How it works

Simply follow the steps below and you’re on your way! It’s even easier once you have signed up!

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